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Services provided by Mr. Tax


Service Personal Business

I. Financial Accounting

1. Income Statement   X
2. Balance Sheet   X

II. Payroll

1. Paychecks   X
2. Payroll Tax Returns   X
3. W2's   X
4. 1099's    

III. Tax Returns

1. Individuals X  
2. Corporations   X
3. Partnerships   X
4. LLC's   X
5. Final Returns for a Deceased X  
6. Trusts X  

IV. Audit Representation

1. IRS Audits X X
2. Franchise Tax Board (CA) Audits X X
3. State Board of Equalization (sales tax) Audits   X
4. Department of Labor Audits   X
5. Worker's Comp. Audits   X
6. Employment Development (EDD) Audits   X

V. Tax Resolution & Settlement

1. IRS Income Tax Settlement X X
2. IRS Payroll Tax Settlement   X
3. California (FTB) Income Tax Settlement X X

VI. Other Financial Services

1. Life Insurance
(CA Insurance License #OB29733)

VII. Consulting Services

1. Tax Planning X X
2. Retirement Planning X  
3. Estate Planning X  
4. Trusts X  
5. Incorporating X X
6. Business Acquisition X X
7. Sale of Business   X
8. Buy/Sell Agreements   X
9. Commercial Real Estate X X
Services are provided in cooperation with licensed attorneys and real estate professionals.

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Mr. Tax Provides Comprehensive Accounting & Consulting Services

With Mr. Tax you don’t just get your taxes prepared. We are your personalized business consultant that can provide expert timely advice on tax planning, business negotiations, acquisitions, audit representation, incorporation, real estate, retirement, insurance and much more.


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